Making Pottery

Making Pottery
By James Age 12
Our family hired a man to put in some faucets in our gardens and around the outside of our house.
When he dug the trench for the pipes, he dug up clay. We kids gathered it and made pottery. We added quartz from our rocks and already-fired clay into the wet clay.
This is a picture of the gray bowl (which is in the next picture) being fired in our wood burning stove.

I made two small bowls out of different kinds of clay.

I also made a cup,

a pot,

a letter stamp for sealing letters with melted wax,

and a planting pot for my older sister.

I pressed plants on the side of the planting pot so it would look like this.

I made a pottery wheel, too. It looks like this:

The Wood Stove

The Wood Stove By Lucy age 9
The four younger kids in our family and our mom were cleaning the place where we put the stuff that we use for fires by the wood stove. 

 We use paper towel rolls for burning and stuffed some dryer lint in it because dryer lint burns really well. 

 We stuff it in and then we put some newspaper in on the sides so the dryer lint doesn't fall out.  We do a lot of work to get ready for winter and fall also.  Sometimes we have so much work to do and we don't always get it done.

 Sometimes we don't stuff  all the paper towel roles or have to get wood sometimes.

  I love the fire because it makes me feel happy and old fashioned.

Getting Ready For Fall

By Lucy age 9

My mom and I were cutting corn stalks.  We put them in a pile and tied them up with twine. 

We learned that decorating with corn stalks come from corn shocks. They used corn shocks for food for the cows in the winter. 

So we decided to make some for our goats.

 I think I will be selling some corn stalks.

 Then put them out front so it would look like fall.

  When the leaves fall we rake them up.  It is going to look like a fall explosion.
  In the fall we get ready for winter also.  We scrape the chimney.  It is really fun.

  We have a wood burning stove and we chop our own wood.  It is really fun to get ready for fall.
I love being a child of God.  It is always pretty in fall.

  He is the one who made the world so pretty.

Chopping wood

By James age 11

Every fall my family and I chop wood. We got a splitter from our neighbors and it looks like this.

We use a stump at the bottom of the splitter so that the logs can sit on it. that makes it easier to split them.

This fall I learned how to chop wood with an ax because my dad got two more axes so more of us could split at the same time to make it go faster.

After the logs are split, we stack them at the side of the house.

We use the wood for fuel in the winter to warm up the house. We have a wood burning stove to burn the wood.

It's my job to bring in the wood, someone is in charge of emptying the ash bucket, and someone is in charge of building the fires. Sometimes in the middle of the night we have to put another log on the fire to keep the house warm.

I have learned that some of the logs are naturally split and I usually go for those because they are easier to split. I see symbolism in nature. The symbolism I see is, Satan will try to go for the weaker parts of u…

The Farmland Pumpkin Patch

The Farmland Pumpkin Patch By Lizzy, age 6
We cut down our corn stalks and we put them in the front of our house.  We wanted pumpkins so it would look "fall".  We had flowers in the front.  We pulled some of them out and put the pumpkins there.  

Last week, we went to our friend's house and picked the pumpkins.  It was fun.  One of my sisters and two of my brothers went with me.  
At our friend's house, there are two pumpkin patches.  They are reallybig.  I walked all the way through them.  There were a lot of big pumpkins.  We had to be careful so we didn't step on the plants.  Some of them were sitting in the dirt so they had a lot of mud on the side.  

We chose some little ones because they are cute.  We use our little dog stuffed animals and the little pumpkins to play.  We pretend the dogs have a house and the pumpkins sit out front.

We also chose big ones.  We had to find the perfect one to fit in our oven.  The oven is kind of tiny for the really big ones, …

Family Games

By Lucy age 9

Every night our family gets together we play family games. It is so fun to play with my family!  It is also exciting because my two oldest brothers are engaged.

  We love to play Apples to Apples and Telestrations.

 Last night we played games and watched a comedian.  It was so fun to play games with my family.  As a family we love to play games together.  One Monday night we played kickball in our backyard and it was so much fun.

The New Foal

by James  age 11
Yesterday morning we went outside to do our outside chores and in our neighbor's yard a horse had given birth to a newborn foal. (Which is a baby horse.)

 Our neighbors were at school and work so they didn't know about the foal.

  We saw the afterbirth on the ground.

 The afterbirth is the sack that the foal was living in inside the mother.

The foal was nursing on its mom. The mom is brown with a white ankle.

 On her head she has a diamond shaped patch of white on her face.

The foal is brown with white legs and a white face.

 I love watching the animals come into this world and grow up here.